Bavette with pesto alla Genovese

bavette with pesto alla genovese

Bavette is a pasta similar to linguine and is often traditionally served with pesto alla Genovese.

You are very lucky if you live close to us at Rockledge Gardens market because you can stop by and pick up your pesto either fresh from the fridge, or jarred for your convenience. You can even pick up a pasta of your choice. Yes, we have it all prepared for you.

Bavette pasta can be substituted with linguine as it is not readily available in the USA.

If you are pesto lovers like us, Bavette with pesto is a quick and simple meal for the whole family.

Bavette with pesto alla Genovese – serves 3 – 4

bavette with pesto alla genovese

  1. Follow the instructions for cooking the pasta.
  2. Prepare a large serving bowl with the pesto in the bottom of it.
  3. When the pasta is cooked, lift it from the water straight into the serving bowl.
  4. When all of the pasta is in the bowl, use 2 forks to mix everything.
  5. Serve immediately with extra grated Parmesan on the table.


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