About our handmade pasta flowers

Our handmade pasta flowers are made completely from scratch and by hand. And no two batches are the same.

Our handmade specialty pasta came into being because we love to bring you pasta that you may not have seen before or pasta that has been invented here at The Big Dream Factory. Truth is, we love playing with a bit of dough!

Our handmade specialty pasta flowers (fiori and foglie) might be considered as our most ambitious specialty pasta. However, coriandioli is quite the challenge compared to making trofie, which is a breeze! And don’t get us talking about the subject of making couscous, which can take for hours!

We recommend that you serve our specialty pasta sparingly not just because it takes a while to make but also because too much of a good thing is wasteful! A palm full of fiori makes a wonderful addition to a salad or as a pretty garnish.

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All of our specialty pasta is made using semolina flour just like they do in Italy and unless otherwise stated, is without egg and therefore suitable for a vegan diet. The colors are created from a palette of natural vegetable puree, teas, juices or powders that include beets, hibiscus, cranberry, carbonated vegetable powder, spinach, basil, kale, tomato and/or whatever is in season.

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