Flavours From The Farm

Flavours From The Farm
Kale and Walnut Pesto
Kale and Walnut Pesto

Flavours From The Farm: This goes out to all you ‘foodies’ supporting The Farm at Rockledge Garden’s and all you ‘foodies’ who have yet to discover it. We have been slowly beavering away in the kitchen at The Big Dream Factory to bring you a collection of goodies we call ‘Flavours From The Farm‘. 

Over the past months we have been collaborating with The Farm and TCS Commissary Kitchen to bring you what has now become a growing line of gourmet goodies we call Flavours From The Farm. We take fresh fruits and vegetables from and transform them into pesto, sauces, jams and quite a collection of antipasto.

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Your farmer’s market

Many of us like to support our local small businesses and The Farm has a collection of them! It is a place where you can discover new, exciting ingredients and products that have been grown and produced locally. We like to think of it as doing our part (however small) for a sustainable Brevard.

To call our Flavours From The Farm ‘gourmet‘ may seem a little cheeky but out there in the big wide world of cooking, homegrown, locally grown and produced ingredients that have been bought together to create something quite delicious, is ‘gourmet’. Let us just explain that to us the word ‘gourmet’ means ‘high quality’.

It doesn’t stop there. We listen to all your comments and have woven this into our vision for the future. You want ready made and fresh. You want recipes and new flavour experiences. You want to sample these new dishes and you want cooking classes. We are working towards your wish list, welcoming even more of your ideas and guidance since it helps us bring you exactly what you are looking for in a good quality food.

Our products

We will be bringing you an amazing collection of dishes and sauces showcasing the Flavours From The Farm which include one we simply invented by cobbling together a little bit of this, a little bit of that, a bunch of roasted peppers and a pot of Vi’s Onion Jam. Behold!!

roasted green pepper and sweet onion antipasto

We will be writing up the recipe for you to create this antipasto in your own kitchen.

Our range of ‘Soup or Sauce’ are created for you to either use (as the name implies) as a soup or a sauce. We add little to no water to the ingredients allowing them to introduce themselves. Ingredients do vary depending on what is in season. In the Soup or Sauce below there are cauliflower, carrot, tomato, leeks, turnip and fresh herbs. FRESH, FRESH, FRESH!!

roasted vegetable tomato sauce

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