St. Valentine’s Day chocolate filled ravioli

St. Valentine’s Day chocolate filled ravioli: It’s that time of the year when we are all under pressure to give and take a little lovin’. So, we are here to do our St. Valentine’s Day duty with some homemade St. Valentine’s Day chocolate filled ravioli.

We have pulled all the lovin’ stops out to create a beautiful rich burgundy coloured dough. Although we know that it will lose a little of it’s glory during boiling, we just don’t care. It’s all about the lovin’ and the beetroot that has gone into it. Beetroot? Well, why not. It has a wonderfully sweet flavour that will be overpowered by the chocolate anyway.

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How did we do that!?

Once the dough was made we cranked it through the table top pasta machine and rolled it to thickness number 5.  Then we carefully placed a little dollop of our homemade chocolate and hazelnut spalmante (our own version of Nutella) here and there along the length of pasta. We then cut out the hearts, moistened the pasta around the small domes of spalmante and gently covered each one with another heart. Pushing ever so lightly to ensure a good seal.

valentines ravioli

The next task was to pop it into the fridge for up to 30 minutes just to dry and cool. This ensures that the pasta doesn’t cook faster than the chocolate spalmante. While we are on the subject of the chocolate spalmante, you will need a good quality chocolate ganache. Something that is as firm as margarine.

Time to get it cooked up. We boiled the water and cooked our St Valentine’s chocolate filled ravioli for just under 2 minutes since they were fresh. We added a few of our limited edition handmade pasta flowers and PRESTO!

valentines chocolate ravioli

And then …. we added a little drizzle of our balsamic gastronomic glaze that arrived a few weeks ago all the way from Italy:

valentines chocolate ravioli heart balsamic

Verdict: A great surprise. Our balsamic gastronomic glaze is a perfect balance and sweet enough to lift this big red Valentine’s Day heart to heaven … WE LOVE IT!

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