Perfect steam fried eggs

Here’s how to create the perfect soft or hard steam fried eggs: Our technique for cooking fried eggs was borne of necessity. Especially while making breakfast when you only have one pair of hands and need to be juggling a couple of cooking items at a time. We find that as long as you are paying attention, you will create perfect steam fried eggs every time!

In fact, we call these eggs steamed rather than fried. They require a lot less oil to cook them since they cook in their own steam which beautiful result. You don’t even need to turn the egg over to get that yolk well done. Simply leave the egg under cover for a little longer.

Ingredients for how to cook the perfect steam fried eggs

  • Oil
  • Eggs
  1. Drizzle a little oil (we use Enzo’s olive oil) into a frying pan
  2. Warm the oil a little over a medium to low heat and crack in your desired quantity of eggs. The egg whites will start cooking immediately
  3. Place a lid over the eggs and continue cooking until you begin to hear the oil spitting
  4. Turn off the heat and keep the lid on the pan, lifting only to check that your eggs are cooking to your required form
  5. That’s it!

If you’re concerned that your eggs aren’t cooking enough, turn the heat back on under them for about 30 seconds to warm the pan again. Keep the lid on and allow them to cook until you are ready to serve.

And VOILA! Enzo’s steam fried eggs for brunch, cooked exactly how he loves them!

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