Roasted farmer’s market vegetable and tomato sauce

Roasted farmer’s market vegetable and tomato sauce: Great vegetables often need little preparation, addition or adulteration of any sort.

We came home with baskets of fresh tomatoes, leeks, peppers, onions, carrots and beets and decided not to mess around with them too much. We have come to learn that the vegetables from the farmer’s market are full of flavour and unlike what you get at the local supermarket. So, we sliced the tomatoes, filling our largest roasting pan:


Then carefully diced the other vegetables to equal size into a separate pan:


We added a little olive oil, salt and garlic, left the tomatoes pan uncovered, covered the mixed vegetables in foil then popped it in the oven for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes we uncovered the vegetables and placed them back into the oven with the tomatoes to continue cooking:


Since we are often busy multitasking, we find that being able to cook up something special by leaving it to itself in the oven, is a cooking technique that works perfectly for us. Covering the vegetables in foil allows them to steam and soften while leaving the tomatoes uncovered helps to allow excess moisture to evaporate and concentrate the flavours.

when everything had finished cooking it was time to bring it all together. So, we took the tomatoes and ran them through the blender to form a sauce:


We added this sauce to the vegetables and PRESTO!!

roasted vegetable tomato sauce

Allow everything to cool and add to your next spaghetti, or lasagna dish, use as soup, add it to all sorts of dishes as a sauce or freeze it until you need it. What could be more perfect for those of us who lives have become a confused mass of multitasking 🙂 Something simple and very, very tasty! We are so pleased with the results of this sauce and will be making it more often.

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