Our Top 5 Recipes for turnip greens

Our Top 5 Recipes for Turnip Greens: It really is a thing of beauty to see all the greens growing around the garden – Tuscan kale, curly kale, chard and all those herbs!

Perhaps the most curious and exciting green ingredients are those greens attached to delicious, young root vegetables. Yes, let’s not overlook these tender and often sweet leaves. We have chosen to tackle turnip greens since we have a sink fully of them sucking up cool water to keep them refreshed.

  • Time for our first Turnip Green Tip: Young turnip greens that appear to be wilting can be refreshed within an hour by soaking them, with their stem ends covered, in clean, cool water.

When in America, the most popular style for cooking greens, is Southern. For this reason we have tried to avoid the norm in search for our Top 5 Recipes for turnip greens, in favour of something more …. different. Our choices are in no particular order:

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Number 1: Indian Saag

First from the crop is Indian Saag, a south Asian dish normally prepared using spinach. However, turnip greens are the perfect alternative and indeed you could use a combination of leaves including, beetroot, kale and collard. We chose this particular recipe because we love a nice curry and Saag is not hot but is a nice introduction to curry if you have never eaten it before.

  • Time for our next Tip: Whole spices keep for between 1 and 3 years and ground spices for 6 – 12 months. Buy your spices whole and grind them in a spare coffee grinder as and when required. For more information about the shelf life of herbs and spices, go to Shelf Life Advice.

Number 2: Cornbread with turnip greens and hot pepper

Of course our Top 5 Recipes for turnip greens would not be complete without the odd Southern-style recipe which is why Cornbread with turnip greens and hot pepper is included. It looks so darn good!! With many thanks to Veg Charlotte.

cornbread with turnip greens hot pepper

 Number 3: Turnip Green Tart

Ahhhh, there is nothing like a little European-style cuisine for a picnic, brunch or quick lunch. This quiche or Turnip Green Tart from 101 Cookbooks.com, will make a wonderfully green addition to your next food gathering. As well as having hints of France with herbes de Provence and Dijon mustard, it also includes Gruyere cheese. It looks so pretty too!

turnip green tart

Number 4: Creamed Turnip Greens

Another Southern-style recipe because quite frankly, as soon as we saw the photograph we were hooked! It’s the cheese … the melting cheese … and we confess that creamed artichoke and spinach is our favourite dip of all time.

  • Our next Turnip Green Tip: In any recipe asking for spinach, turnip greens make the perfect alternative. So, when turnips are in season and the leaves are young, take advantage, start cooking and start freezing!
creamed turnip greens

Number 5: Turnip Green Cacio e Pepe Fettuccine

We really couldn’t let this recipe for Turnip Greens Cacio e Pepe Fettuccine by Blue Apron, slip us by. They have added their turnip greens to the pasta dough before adding more to the dish itself. Just like we do here at The Big Dream Factory!

green turnip pasta

We hope you enjoy all of the above recipes. We are off to create our next batch of pasta dough with our young, turnip greens.

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